Google Pixel 8 Series Mobile Secrets And To Try Right Now

Google Pixel 8 Series Mobile Secrets And To Try Right Now

Google Pixel 8 Series Mobile, Today we’re going to explore the incredible world of the Google Pixel 8 Series mobile phones. Imagine these phones as your trusty sidekicks on a superhero adventure. They do amazing things, and we’re here to uncover all the magic. In this mobile pre-order stars on 5th October 2023.

Are you ready for this thrilling journey? Let’s get started!

What is the Google Pixel 8 Series?

Meet the powerful new pixel phone, featuring Google AI and most advanced pixel camera yet.

Think of the Google Pixel 8 Series as a team of magical talking gadgets  that fit right into your pocket. They’re like tiny computers, cameras, and so much more, all rolled into one.

What Makes Them Special?

Display : 6.70-inch

Processor : Google Tensor

Front Camera : 11-megapixel

Rear Camera : 50-megapixel + 12-megapixel

RAM : 12GB

Storage : 128GB

Battery Capacity: 4950mAh

OS : Android 14

Resolution : 1440×2960 pixels

How Do They Work?

Imagine your phone as a friendly robot that listens to your every command. When you touch the screen, it does exactly what you want, just like magic!

The Power of Photography

The Google Pixel 8 Series has a special eye called a camera. 50 MP + 12 MP Dual Primary Cameras  LED Flash 10.8 MP Front Camera . It’s like having a professional photographer in your pocket. It makes everything you snap look extra awesome!

Speedy Performance

These phones are lightning-fast, like superheroes on a mission. Performance

Octa core (2.85 GHz, Dual Core + 2.35 GHz, Dual core + 1.8 GHz, Quad core) Google Tensor G38 GB RAM

They can open apps and games super quickly, so no more waiting around!

Battery Life That Keeps Going

Google’s Pixel 8 series is said to offer fast charging capabilities and is claimed to offer up to 24 hours of battery life with a single charge. Battery

4485 mAh Fast Charging USB Type-C Port.

You know how your toys sometimes run out of batteries? Well, these phones have batteries that last a really, really long time. They won’t give up on you!

Stunning Displays

The Pixel 8 is said to feature a 6.2-inch display. The screens on these phones are like mini movie theaters. Everything looks super clear and colorful, just like your favorite cartoons!

Exciting Features

  • No FM Radio
  • No 3.5mm Headphone Jack

They come with some really cool tricks up their sleeves. For example, they can recognize your face and unlock themselves, just like magic!

Staying Connected

  • 4G, 5G, VoLTE
  • Bluetooth v5.3, WiFi, NFC
  • USB-C v3.1

You can use these phones to talk to your friends and family, just like walkie-talkies!

Exploring Fun Apps

Remember those games and fun apps you love to play? You can download them on these phones and have a blast anytime, anywhere!

Keeping Your Data Safe

Your secrets and special photos are safe with these phones. They have locks that only you can open, like a treasure chest!

Accessories to Enhance Your Experience

You can dress up your Google Pixel 8 with cool stuff like headphones and colorful cases. It’s like giving your tech buddy a cool new outfit!

Caring for Your Google Pixel 8

Just like you take a bath to stay clean, these phones need a little cleaning too. We want them to stay shiny and new!

What’s the Price?

Google Pixel 8 price was 50000 ( expected price)

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And there you have it, our adventure into the fantastic world of the Google Pixel 8 Series mobile phones!  They’re like having super-powered buddies in your pocket. With their incredible camera, lightning-fast speed, and long-lasting battery, they’re the perfect companions for any adventure.

But remember, with great tech comes great responsibility! Take good care of your Google Pixel 8 and enjoy all the amazing things it can do.

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