Meta’s Threads is Finally Launched in The European

Meta’s Threads is Finally Launched in The European, social media contender to Twitter, Threads, has broadened its horizons, reaching the European Union and its 448 million citizens, as announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The EU launch comes after Threads’ initial debut in over 100 countries, excluding the EU, the US, and the UK in July 2023. Notably, EU-based users were prevented from accessing the service via VPN. The delayed expansion is attributed to complexities arising from the Digital Markets Act (DMA). To mark the EU launch, Meta allows users in the region to browse Threads without a profile, though interaction and posting still necessitate an Instagram account. The delay in the EU rollout is often associated with the Digital Markets Act, a comprehensive legislation designed to curb Big Tech abuses and create a level playing field.

While Meta has not explicitly mentioned the DMA, Instagram head Adam Mosseri pointed to the challenges of complying with upcoming laws. As designated “gatekeepers” under the DMA, companies like Meta have until March 2024 to meet its requirements.

Instagram Users

Speculation has circulated about potential issues with EU regulators due to Threads’ close integration with Instagram. The initial launch allowed users to sign up via existing Instagram accounts, fostering quick connections with followers. This streamlined onboarding contributed to Threads amassing 100 million users in just a few days, raising concerns about potential violations of the DMA’s rules against self-preferencing.

Meta’s Threads is Finally Launched in The European Features

Though Threads’ integration with Instagram has loosened since its launch, retaining the requirement of an Instagram account for posting, the platform added a feature in mid-November enabling users to delete their Threads account without affecting their Instagram account.

While Threads experienced rapid growth, leveraging its connection to Instagram and capitalizing on upheavals in platforms like Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter), subsequent third-party data hinted at user retention challenges for Meta’s platform. The EU launch is anticipated to bring a surge in new users, prompting questions about Threads’ evolution and the incorporation of new features since its initial release, crucial for sustained user engagement post-expansion.

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