The Benefits of Technology in Education in 2035

The Benefits of Technology in Education in 2035


The Benefits of Technology in Education the number of electronic devices you own at your house I believe that you have at least two but did you know that technology is such a powerful thing that can either let people save your time or waste their time it all depends on how we use them on one hand technology has been playing an important role in our learning students make or documents or presentations using their computer teachers in our school use iPads computers and smart boards to teach students easily another example can be Twitter X Accords Twitter exit.

cards is when the students about one or two sentences on Twitter about what they learned in class this is very helpful to them because they are not only sharing their ideas but also receiving ideas from other students on the other hand have a look at this picture over here do you notice anything wrong about it as you can see it is a picture of a restaurant and people are holding their electronic devices without any communications even though they are facing each other this is a serious problem going on right Benefits of Technology

The Benefits of Technology In Education

now because I saw the same situation many times in my life now here’s another picture do you agree with what this picture says I personally do and effect my conscience but I further interpret the meaning of this picture as people especially the student are becoming addicted to the internet and technology like this picture I think that many students just over spend their precious time just for pointless internet use which in my opinion is a waste of time problems can be also found in Korea where I come from

two years ago before I came to Germany nobody in my class in Korea knew what smartphones were and they didn’t even have it but nowadays the Korean companies have been developing the technology so much that for students it’s becoming more accessible because it is becoming cheaper I read some Korean news articles saying that students are causing problems by sending text messages playing games and even calling each other during the class one of the article was about 75% of the students becoming Restless

how much phones are important to the students

Benefits of Technology when their phones are not near them this shows how much phones are important to the students and how much this phones are affecting students life students mentality in a bad way but these are not only happening in Korea every day in my life I see a lot of students around my age holding on their electronic devices especially the iPads since the school gave it to sixth through eighth grade students one day I was curious about what my friend was doing with his tablet during the recess so I went next to him and I saw that he was playing games and
sending text messages

this friend at the same time he didn’t even realize that I was next turn and when he finally did he didn’t even bother to talk to me though so I had to go elsewhere some people might argue why is socializing with people using their technology so bad but the thing is that if we use the technology too much and get used to it someday in the future we won’t be able to communicate properly even if we are in the same building in the same room which is actually happening in my class
this is why we should use


Benefits of Technology the technology but in the profitable and beneficial way so we can receive every one of the benefits from the technology and avoid the disadvantages here’s one of the bad example of my day when I come home from school I directly go upstairs turn on the computer and start to do my homework but after 20 or 30 minutes I start to lose my concentration and finally end up on a website called Facebook from then I start to waste my time I checked the messages I checked the newsfeed i chat

with at least three people and this actually takes up 20 minutes each time I go on Facebook and this can possibly be a normal life of the students from our generation


so what should we do Jerald ah dunya not who is the lecturer of communications arts faculty in certain University stated that these problems are caused by a lack of satisfaction in other areas of life such as friendship problems or family issues so I think that people should set the time when they’re going to use the technology and use the spare time with benefits of technology.

their families or friends to gain happiness for example students should turn off the computer after they’re done with their homework and use their time playing and talking with their family or friends they should seriously realize how it has been affecting our lives in a bad way and tried to protect from happening this solution I came up with might be challenging and hard at the beginning

but as the time goes by it will be no problem the last thing I want to say is don’t rush to solve their problems because we still have plenty oftime to live and keep this in your mind enjoy your life with the technology but in your most valuable way thank you you

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